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Valentine’s Day Across the World

Love is starting to fill the air as February 14th approaches. Valentine’s Day gifts will begin to be purchased for loved ones.  There is quite a bit of history that proceeds the Valentine’s Day that we know today. Across the world, cultures have their own customs in celebrating this day of love.


Sweden has a more inclusive day called “The Day of All Hearts” that focuses on showing love and admiration to anyone important in your life, not just significant others.  It also marks that season to start cultivating flowers for the spring season.


Japan is thought to have a very backwards tradition compared to our Western customs. Due to a marketing mistranslation in the 1950s, women are the only gift giver on Valentine’s Day. Men receive their gifts from sweethearts on February 14th and reciprocate the gesture one month later on “White Day”.


In Germany the pig is a common symbol of lust and luck. It is very common to gift pig adorned presents as well as oversized iced ginger cookies on “Valentinstag”.


Ireland has an interesting tie to the holiday of love. The main focus of the day is to celebrate and remember Saint Valentine. The Irish see this as a religious holiday, rather than a secular one. The remains of Saint Valentine are rumored to be sheltered at the Carmelite Church in Dublin after Pope George XVI gifted them in 1835. The church is a popular destination during the month of February.

United States

Many people are common with the Valentine’s Day customs of the United States. Frequent gifts are cards, chocolates, flowers, and our favorite – jewelry. The US continues to lead the world in the most money spent on the holiday. It has also become a tradition for schools to celebrate the day of love by having a party and children exchanging cards with one another. It has become more widespread to give gifts to other loved ones in addition to significant others.

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