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May 2016

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Your first engagement ring will always hold a special place in your heart. It is the first page of your love story with an immeasurable sentimental value. But now it is five, ten, or twenty years later and it’s time for something new to represent a bigger love that the two of you have grown. Many couples have a hard time figuring out what way to hold on to their original ring during this process. Gabriel&Co has created a way to showcase this nostalgic diamond while giving it a new life all its own. Continue Reading


Dream Big, Shop Small

Growing up in a small town was the highlight of my youth. I loved being able to walk up and down Muskogee Avenue and go into all the small shops with my mom and have everyone greet us with a friendly smile. It wasn’t until I started college and took my first economics class that I realized just how vital shopping small was to my hometown.

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