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August 2017


Cherokee National Holiday

It is such an exciting time here in Tahlequah as we anxiously await the expected 100,000 visitors celebrating our Cherokee Heritage. Cherokee National Holiday is synonymous with Labor Day Weekend here in Tahlequah, the Capital of the Cherokee Nation. If you have never been, downtown truly comes alive for the parade and state of the union address.

national holiday parade

Later that day there will be hundreds of vendors and craft booths set up where you can shop and buy authentic Cherokee products and food. But before you leave downtown, stop in Meigs for a quick visit and get a cup of coffee and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.

Be sure to browse our custom designed Cherokee Heritage Collection starting at just $49:

My Cherokee Heritage is something that I take very seriously. My family has lived in the Tahlequah area since 1837.granny house

This is my Granny’s house that was built in 1909 on the original Cherokee Land allotted to our family at Moody’s. Both my grandfather and mother were born in this house.

Reflecting on my family heritage I am proud to have worked with our extremely talented master jeweler Justin Scott in designing this special heritage collection. Each piece is designed with meaning and presents Cherokee symbols in an artistic design that is both fashionable and durable.

eric hands

Each piece is meticulously hand finished in our custom shop


Hand crafted in your choice of sterling silver, white or yellow gold, these custom charms are truly one of a kind. Each charm has an inscription and the Cherokee translation on the reverse side.

 Sterling Oklahoma Pendant on an 18” chain

Regular price: $79 // Special price: $49


Our Life Pendant is available for purchase for $299. Each of the center points is symbolic of the four stages of life from infanthood, adolescence, maturity, and old age. The life circle is surrounded by traditional Cherokee symbols of wind and water to represent the constant movement and recycling of life.


Sara is wearing the Guardian pendant and ring: Guardian Jewelry is adorned with ancient Cherokee symbols often used to depict an eye or vision. The center stone, protected by the watchful eyes, represents the knowledge and history passed down through generations of the Cherokee People.

We’ll see you in the store to shop our beautiful collection September 1 – 3! Or, you can shop with us online: