Meigs Jewelry is Holding the Baton with Relay for Life

To hear the tragic news that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is the most dreaded words that anyone can imagine. Unless you have fought the fight the magnitude of the sickness is incomprehensible. Four years ago my naivety changed when our very dear friend and co-worker, Debbie Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer. The bravery and determination that she exhibited during her battle were more than I could imagine. She fought the fight with such grace and won.  Debbie is now cancer free and we couldn’t be happier for her as she and husband Randall are truly living life and cherishing every moment!

meigs 1

United as our store family we walked, taking a stance against cancer.  We joined forces raising awareness and money with over 5,000 other communities throughout 27 countries.  It brings great pride knowing that our small contribution joined with others around the world is making a difference.

meigs 2

And the race begins!  So awesome to see the parade of survivors headed by little Mae Mae Cochran!

meigs 3

Tracy and Denton took the first leg of the evening followed by Mike, Tammy, and Zoey!

meigs 4

Team Meigs cheesing it up for the camera.  We were so glad to have been able to take part in such a worthy cause!  We LOVE our awesome town!


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